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Welcome to Domain a superior alternative to Parked Domains. Now you can monetize your domain portfolio through pre-developed, pre-indexed, pre-optimized domains.

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Revenue generation model implementation

Domain parking is the traditional method for generating revenue from unused and new domains. A number of key tools are available and can be used to generate revenue and earn you money from your parked and pre-developed domains once converted into ready-made websites. We can help you in this revenue generation process and help to model implement this model so that you realize the profit potential from parked or pre-developed domains.

Online there is heavy competition in the market of domain management and domain acquisition and that is why you need to fully analyze and research how and from where you can generate the revenue and over what time period.

Domain Management services and support from us allows you to take parked domains and make them work for you by converting these and creating pre-developed, pre-indexed and pre-optimized. We provide you with domain names and develop them into websites with the help of monetization tools including Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and CPA models.

With our domain management services, we make domain names available to you that have been indexed and fully optimized for the search engines before-hand. If you wish to tap inot the full value of these domains, you need to get them out of the parking mode and use them to generate revenue by developing them. Getting a new domain and getting it indexed to develop a website is a very long process and you need to allow a lot of time and money for this process. The alternative is to take our domain management services and hit the ground running.

These parked domain name pages, that we’ll called pre-developed domains are delivered with keywords and full monetization methods and online marketing advertisement all targeted to the end user, your customer. This is done with the help of search engine technology including Google. AdSense is a superb and very popular tool for leveraging your parked and pre-developed domain name and website. Over 3 million domain names have used this service to date, maximizing profits. AdSense on domains can be scaled to track the performance. The design of the Adsense tool is such that it can easily be integrated with websites and helps in generating more revenue and bottom-line profits.

When you are using AdSense on your pre-developed domain you are making use of your parked domains to the full, which are otherwise of no use whatsoever. A dead unused domain is useless to anyone. You can choose the keywords that you wish to use according to the domain names and by matching these 2 can be a powerful mix. You also have the full freedom to select a particular theme that can well be applied to your websites and thus give it a look that is truly professional.

So you can easily and effortlessly cash in on your website by adding Google AdSense code literally in seconds. There are other tools like affiliate marketing and pay-per-action model that you can incorporate with this tool so they work in synergy.

We help you with this implementation from start to finish. Along with these services, you can benefit from the package of other support services that we make available. We offer web hosting, search engine optimization and website design services. It is important for a website to have a design that appeals to the visitors and makes them visit the website often but more importantly buy your product when they do visit. In addition, the servers on which the website is hosted have to be of high quality enough so that no problems regarding site loading are faced by the visitors, it must load fast. We do all the research on your part and provide you with email and telephone answering services so that you can get more and better, higher quality leads.

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Mature Domains

A mature domain is much more usefull than a new domain and adds huge value to your portfolio, especially if you have a website behind your domain.

Adsense Revenue

Put your domain portfolio to work. Adsense can generate a profitable revenue especially if you have a large domain portfolio.
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