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Domain Management Team

Steve - 'Terminator X' Founder

Steve has more than twenty years experience in business with his own companies and consulting others. He launched an unfolding unique Online Interior Design Application, which will revolution sales. He is passionate about the Internet, and Marketing. In his view the leverage that the Internet has to offer is extraordinary, everything is possible. And that's what his expectations are in developing out his own domain portfolio of 3,500 keyword heavy domains.

Alok Upadhyay - 'Analytical Thinkers' - Technical Director

Alok like to get to the bottom of things, Alok elaborated on innovative SEM development to provide low invest and high revenue stream. He is having striking skill of strict ROI analysis and accurate execution of marketing model delineate for your business. His Centric focus approach to attain high ROI with low CPL by expert resources, expenditure and channel management is the key skill.
As a search engine marketing professional, Alok has done crucial research on Improvement of conversion ratio and demonstrated his expertise oftentimes. He leads SEM teams that proactively discover every single opportunity to supreme consequences for clients.

Prior to Domain Management, worked for BrickRed Technology as Manager-Online Marketing, Vangelz as Manager-SEO, MSOLS(UK), NIIT and many more. He holds MTech from Allahabad University and pursuing PhD in marketing.

Gurmeet Kour - Digital Marketing Executive

Gurmeet is the star all rounder of the India team. Looking after on-page and off-page optimizations along with content writing and re-phrasing, Gurmeet does fantastic search engine optimizations. Leading the India team's efforts, she also helps coordinating with the UK team on various aspects. She handles client interaction as well. Having excellent blogging skills, she does marvellous research to ensure the optimization efforts are all rounded.

Adrian E. - SEO Specialist

With five years experience in Site Optimization for Search Engines and Content Writing, Adrian - our SEO Specialist - has worked for several institutions such as "The NCH Organization" and other similar to this. He has also coordinated many projects both as a Web Development Expert and as a SEO Specialist. His trademark is a set of unique skills guided towards customer oriented attitude.

Andrei - Web Designer

Andrei is the Lead Designer at Domain Management. With more than four years experience in Web Design, he delivers intelligent and commercially powerful layouts. He has left his mark on sites operating in sales, education, sports, tourism and many other fields. His beautifully designed bangs on schedule to budget pieces of work are manifestations of virtual art.

Adrian R. - Copywriter

Adrian works by pitching in the words that directly talk and relate to the customers in all of our Web-based Designs and Services. He has past experience working in Online Advertising and PR and has joined our team looking to put his knowledge to use in the fast growing world of Integrated Online Marketing. He's interested in just about anything related to the Internet and prizes himself on being able to "quickly write an insightful five hundred word piece on any subject he hasn't had any real life experience on", as he puts it.

Irina - Copywriter

Irina has over three years experience in writing, editing and proof reading. She has worked for organizations such as English teaching institutions, publishing houses, and Strategic Communication Companies. She has handled projects ranging from newspapers and books to Copywriting and Websites. At Domain Management she is part of the copywriting team, bringing a fresh, creative approach.

Vladi - SEO Junior

Vladi is SEO Junior here at Domain Management. He is responsible for supporting in the delivery of SEO campaigns for our customers. His experience within copywriting, marketing and translation has proven extremely useful to him now. He is passionate about blogging, and when this wasn't enough he moved onto Java development. Code poetry, Java, CSS, and Android are what his days are made out of.

Liviu - SEO Dude

Liviu is part of the Domain Management SEO team. He deals with creating and developing existing SEO campaigns. This ranges from providing advice in how a site should be best optimised for natural search to implementing off page campaigns. He has a keen interest in SEO and keeps up with industry developments. He is highly passionate about the Internet, Social Networking, and sites.

Ana - Social Media Expert

Ana has more than five years experience in Marketing Management, Web Design and SEO. At Domain Management she stands as Head of Digital Department, taking good care of the digital team, developing social media strategies and SEM Solutions. She is passionate about Online Advertising, Tech & Design. She has a friendly approach in coordinating the entire digital activity. With a background in leading the Marketing Department in a Multinational Company and Account Management in Digital Marketing Agencies, she has a very clear idea what she expects from her team along with a complete understanding of customer's needs.

Daniela - Social Media Consultant

Daniela has over three years experience in writing, Online Marketing and Social Media. She has worked for institutions such as skill attaining organizations, newspapers and Social Media Agencies. She experiments with new marketing tools, leaving her media fingerprint on everything she creates. With each project she has handled she has reached out to the community and crossed the borders to every time a different aspect of media dissemination. Being data-driven mindset and having an analytical approach towards new initiatives and features, she uses new media creatively and gives brand customers products that amaze them.

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A mature domain is much more usefull than a new domain and adds huge value to your portfolio, especially if you have a website behind your domain.

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Put your domain portfolio to work. Adsense can generate a profitable revenue especially if you have a large domain portfolio.